About Us

About Us

Dan Logitech is a Laboratory Instrument company from the house of Glassco group of companies.

Glassco is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the field of scientific glassware from India, having a presence in over 83 countries across the World.

With all the experience and expertise in the field of manufacturing, Glassco Laboratory Instruments Pvt. Ltd has come up with Dan Logitech with its Design house in Denmark and production house in India. It makes Dan Logitech to manufacture European designed products at a cost effective price. Today the company is one of the fastest growing manufacturer for analytical instruments, making it the most trusted and leaders in the sector of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment. Have supplied by the name of Glassco Laboratory Instruments Pvt Ltd and now Dan Logitech in the market worldwide. With products for heating, mixing, crushing and distilling applications used by the top development houses and laboratories.

Dan Logitech is committed to provide Innovative, Customized and Adaptive equipment with Danish Design and Indian Engineering to be applied in various laboratories, universities, research centers and companies involved in scientific research from small to very large enterprises.

Since its inception in year 2014 Dan Logitech has grown many fold with its presence in more than 27 countries worldwide, through company-owned customer channel outlets, a strong network of international dealers and have a wide customer base worldwide.

With all its products with ISO and UL certification Dan Logitech has an excellent position in the international market.

Employing high performing teams of trained and experienced Engineers from the premium institutes who strive to exceed our customer’s expectations every day to deliver the best of the industry instruments. Our team works to get the best products made with a lot of R&D and testing to provide its customers with the most cost-effective and time bound solutions. Making our products to deliver high performance with high accuracy at great reliability.

With all this said our products provide accuracy, convenience and comfort to conduct safe and efficient experiments. We are focused to develop and provide customized products that fits all end user applications.

Dan Logitech is preferred by the customers for our exceptional service and technical support and highly responsive customer service.

After a lot of demand from the market for a Software to manage the instruments Dan Logitech has come up with Labs-Connect™, a Wi-Fi based technology that enables the operator to operate the instruments from remote locations. Labs-Connect™ is a Free Technology for helping the research community to carry out multiple experiments at low cost infrastructure to save time for the development of life saving drugs & experiments. Labs-Connect™ helps making Smart Labs by Saving Money, Time & Paper. Thus allows researcher to draw log chart perform Quick Analysis and there by Enhancing R&D by Sharing workload at secured platforms.